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“Spend Some Fucking Money!”

18 Aug

It is amazing how one game can change the whole mood. Arsenal fan’s have gone from a state of optimism into a mood of outright anger. “Spend some fucking money” was the chant ringing around the North Bank, as Arsenal conceded the third goal in a 3-1 defeat to Aston Villa. Laudrup, Klopp, Bould, Garde are names that have been mentioned in light of the weekend from Hell. These names are being bandied around in the “hope”, for some fans, that Wenger will resign and hand over the reigns to a younger, hungrier and more ambitious manager. 


For Arsenal fans to turn on Wenger in such huge numbers, is indicative of the total disappointment, we as fans, have been made to feel during this debacle of a transfer window. We have let go of SEVENTEEN players (quite rightly) but have signed ONE player. Wenger is a fine economist who should be able to see, that will leave any squad extremely light. I am personally prepared to wait until the end of the transfer window before I judge Wenger, Gazidis and Co. but what must be made clear by the fans is, this is not a sudden, knee-jerk reaction. There are plenty of fans who have been very patient, myself included, but I am being tipped over the edge. Many fans will feel the same as me especially after 8 years of waiting.  





Let’s not mention the fact that we are now under an unprecedented amount of pressure to beat Fenerbahce in our Champions League qualifier. After celebrating top-four, I assumed we needed that finish to be able to kick-on and finally break up the monopoly of Man. United, Man. City and Chelsea. As the days pass it is beginning to seem like they celebrated not falling any further behind the big boys. The reason we should be celebrating top-four is the excitement of the players we should now be signing after securing Champions League football, instead all we are doing is stopping Spurs from over-taking us, which any team will struggle to recover from (ask Liverpool).




Gazidis has made it pretty obvious we have good money to spend, so I don’t want to hear excuses suggesting “there are no players available” blah, blah, blah. That is insulting and suggests fans don’t pay attention to football and cannot see the transfers that are happening around us. I am laying the blame at Wenger’s door thus far. I don’t blame him for pulling the plug on the Higuain deal in order to pursue Suarez, as it definitely shows a stronger ambition, however, please don’t make a bid of £40m + £1 in order to activate a non-existent transfer-clause. That is pathetic on our behalf and the big organisation that we are shouldn’t be allowing these grave errors of judgement to bite us in the arse so readily.




We are in danger of becoming a laughing stock, as our great ability in making profit on players and increasing revenue is not translated into doing great transfer business to make our main “customer” (the fans) happy. The fans are the ones paying the most money in the land for a poxy ticket to 4th placed League finishes, they surely deserve to be served a better product? 

I’m not a reactionary type of fan. I’ve been patient for 8 years, watching us lose all of our legendary assets one-by-one, to then seeing many teams come and fail to bring the trophies we crave. We are within touching distance of finally being exposed for the “money-making-only” machine that we are and not the colossal club competing for honours that we were promised to become




It is well-known within sport, what a well-run BUSINESS Arsenal FOOTBALL club are. It is also known that we now have plenty money, so Wenger, if you decide you want a player and that’s the player you well & truly want, make sure you pay whatever it takes to get that player. We are no longer in the position where we can pretend we don’t have money to get a player on the cheap. We now have to pay top dollar since we are one of the clubs with the most money in football. 

We shouldn’t be shirking transfer dealings on the basis of principles and our own “player valuation”. Instead we should be bullying teams into selling us the players that we want, showing a relentless, ruthless streak, needed to get the best players – regardless of the price. That’s the price of new-found wealth.



I will put my hands up and say, Wenger has this transfer window to save his reputation from being totally destroyed. He MUST make the signings necessary for us to compete for trophies. If he truly has this £100m+ budget he must spend every single penny. If he doesn’t, he should be held accountable and must not be offered an extension on a contract which expires at the end of the season. Then we should be making plans for a new manager to take charge from next season onwards.